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Cinema 4D plugin that allows you to rename all the selected objects in your scene by one of three ways -

1. Use a definition file

This uses a text file, where each line represents the existing name of an object, a separator (that can be defined in the plugin) and the new name to replace the old name. E.g. OldObjectName:NewObjectName

2. Straight text replace of name segments

This replaces any portion of a name matching the first input box, with the contents of the second input box. E.g. Replace all occurrences of 'oldrig' with 'newrig' would rename oldrig_foot_01 to newrig_foot_01.

3. Add a prefix or suffix

This adds the input field to the beginning or ending of every object name. E.g. Using 'newrig' as the input and selecting prefix, would rename foot_left_01 to newrig_foot_left_01.

Installation: Unzip the folder contents into your plugins folder. More details here -

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Simple object renaming UI for Cinema 4D

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